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Disorderly Conduct was created by sisters and international recording artist Micah and Evannah V. 

Inspired by creating their own image and style as public figures the pair wanted to give this same fun experience to the everyday consumer. Being a Dc Rebel is more than being a Dc costumer its a lifestyle. With clothing, hair and make up a person has the power to become whoever they desire the world to perceive.

Just like emotions and feelings fashion is always evolving. 

Within Dc you will find various styles of alternative clothing from Harajuku, Punk-Rock, Grunge, Goth and Hip Hop. With today's fashion influenced by pop culture Dc makes it accessible and affordable. When you browse Dc you will find bold innovative fashion that is far from the norm. The word Disorderly Conduct means to dress in a way that is daring, loud, outlandish and test the boundaries of fashion. 


So shop be creative and don't let labels such as freak or weirdo deter you because it is a badge that Dc Rebels wear proudly.  We don't say disturbing the peace we say disturbing the streets. Because when we step outside that's exactly what we intend to do.  So which Rebel are you?



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